Learn while you earn.

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  • Crew Person Training

    "At Carl's Jr." ® , Crew Persons are trained using a three-step method: Learn, Practice and Evaluate. Team members learn an overview of the position. Then, a trainer demonstrates how each station works, followed by the trainee practicing at the station to build confidence and skills. Following ample practice time, trainees are then evaluated and certified.

  • Shift Leader Training

    Shift Leaders learn how to competently run a shift. You'll learn how to: be “in charge,” direct crew members, complete basic shift responsibilities and how to deliver quality, service, and cleanliness to the Guests. Shift Leaders are trained to effectively run the restaurant in the absence of the General Manager.

  • General Manager Training

    This training gives you the hands-on knowledge and skills necessary to assume the responsibilities of managing the business and prepares you to become a General Manager.

  • Safe-At-The-Plate

    Through this course, you will learn the concepts of safe food handling. You will be certified by a nationally recognized agency.

  • Essentials of Management Training

    This classroom training teaches effective management skills through group discussions, brainstorming, interaction, skills practice, analysis and role-playing. One full day includes Essentials of Human Resources, which focuses on labor laws, performance management and company policies.

  • Leadership Development Training

    You'll learn the essentials of leadership through a series of development training modules.

  • Continuing Education

    Additional workshops will be conducted to enhance your on-the-job skills.