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Check Fraud

DATE: September 8, 2015

SUBJECT: FRAUD – Hardee’s Branded Checks

It has come to our attention via multiple customer sync reports that there is a scam being initiated whereby Hardee’s branded checks and letters have been issued in an attempt to swindle people out of personal funds. The account has been tracked to a Hardee’s franchisee whose account number is being used to counterfeit the checks. The franchisee is aware of the fraud and was notified after the checks were denied through their positive pay process.

The fraudulent checks attempted to be drawn off a payroll account using check numbers from 2014. Check numbers range from 7014459 – 7014723.

We wanted you to be aware of this fraud and encourage you to report this or any suspicious accounting activity to CKE Asset Protection and Safety Security Center at 877-253-4911.